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Thank you for choosing the Horn’s True Value registry for your special day. We understand that a hardware store may not be a traditional place to register for wedding gifts, but Horn’s True Value is not your typical hardware store. With thousands of items in house wares, lawn and garden, camping, power tools, games and toys, there is something for every couple. And if you are moving into a new place together, our paint, plumbing and hardware departments can give you the exact look you want. While our gift registry isn’t as high-tech as some of the larger department stores, it is simple to create, update and maintain. Upon setting up your registry, you will receive pages with numbered columns to write down the six-digit IBM store number and brief description for any items you wish to include. Browse through the many departments of our store and add items to your list at any time during our regular store hours. -If at any time you change your mind about an item on your registry list, simply cross it off. A copy of your registry will be provided to anyone asking to view your list. When an item is purchased from your list, it will be circled so that others will know not to duplicate that purchase. - You can update your registry at any time. If you want to add new items or delete other items, it is easy to do so. Just ask for your registry papers and make your changes. If you have any questions about your registry, please contact us at 570-888-0032. SPECIAL SAVINGS: For up to 60 days after your wedding, we offer a chance to save 10% on all items remaining on your gift registry. (This applies to regularly priced merchandise, but does not apply to sale or discontinued items.) Thanks again for registering at Horn’s True Value.

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To register for an item, please write in the 6-digit IBM code and a brief description of the item. If there is not an IBM number, a department number can be substituted, but items with department numbers (just two digits) may not be a regularly stocked item and there is no guarantee that they will be available in the future. Examples: 1. 294-678 Presto Pressure Cooker 2. Dept. 14 Rival Pie Maker IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE CIRCLE AFTER PURCHASE IS MADE Be sure to check your registry frequently, especially after seasonal changes or if you have a wedding shower. You may add or subtract any items whenever you wish.